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  • Will there be a Conference Program available?
    Yes, a Conference Program will be emailed to all registered guests and posted with a link above on this site when it becomes available.
  • How does Shabbos seating work?
    A Shabbos seating form is emailed to all registered guests and is available for download on a link above, explaining the different options. Please complete the form and return via fax or email. Alternatively, Torah Umesorah staff will be available on Thursday night and Friday morning at the Conference to help you with your seating.
  • Will there be babysitting?
    Yes, we offer babysitting for children 3 years and younger during sessions only, beginning with the Pre-Convention. Babysitters will NOT be available during any of the meals, except Shalosh Seudos. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of Shalosh Seudos babysitting services. In order to take advantage of this service, please make sure you have registered your child using the Child Care Registration Form. The fee is $40 per child.
  • Can I reserve a crib or highchair?
    Yes, though we have limited availability. There is a charge of $20 per night. The resort has a limited number of high chairs/booster seats. We recommend that you bring your own if you need one.
  • Are meals included in my reservation?
    That depends on your reservation. Hotel guest reservations includes meals as follows: Each night begins with Dinner and extends through lunch of the following day.
  • I have made reservations for Shabbos. Does the resort have manual keys?
    All room keys are electronic, however, TU will provide magnets for our guests to place on the door jamb which should disable the lock. Additionally, we will have resort staff walking the halls in case the door locks accidentally. Please make use of the in-room safe for your valuables (especially over Shabbos.) The magnets will be available upon check-in.
  • What time is check-in? Can I check-in early?
    Check-in time is officially 4pm. If you arrive earlier and your room is ready, you will be able to check-in early.
  • Can I check out late on Friday
    Unfortunately, you may not. If you are scheduled to check out before Shabbos, please be advised that CHECK OUT TIME IS 10:00am SHARP .You must take all your belongings out of the room by that time, even if you are staying for the remainder of the day, as we need to make the rooms available for our next guests. Failure to do so may result in a late checkout fee.
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