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The winner of the Convention Videos USB cards is Mrs G Rottenberg from Antwerp


About the EU Chinuch Convention

The EU Chinuch Convention is the first of its kind to take place in Europe. An affiliate of Torah Umesorah in the USA, the ECC presents a rare opportunity for all those in the field of Chinuch to take advantage of professional development from experienced educators from America, Europe and Eretz Yisrael.

The Steering Committee, made up of Menahelim and Head Teachers from heimishe moisdos across Europe, have been instrumental in launching the Chinuch Convention. We are extremely fortunate to receive the support, expertise, encouragement and guidance from senior Roshei Yeshiva and premier mechanchim as we prepare for Europe’s second Chinuch Convention.

Made possible by the


Steering Committee

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Rubinfeld
Executive School Consultant
Torah Umesorah, Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Schie Sänger


Jewish Girls School, Zürich

Rabbi Yitzchok Weitz


Beis Yaakov Primary School, NW London

Rabbi Yitzchok Uri Dunner
Rebbe, Cheider Amsterdam

Director, Louis & Dina van de Kamp Foundation

Rabbi Jakov Shafferman

Director of Hebrew Department

Jesode-Hatora Beth Jacob, Antwerpen

Mrs Gitty Goldblatt


Torah Umesorah Teacher's Centre, Manchester  

Mrs Gina Levenberg

Educational Consultant

Torah Umesorah Teacher's Centre,  Manchester

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